Roleplaying Game System
By Robert Aronson
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Last updated: June 28, 2017 / 11th Month 4, +10

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ORBA is at present officially a free tabletop RPG and meant to be online-only in distribution. This means a few things:

• You may create and distribute your own ORBA-based products.
• You are free to modify ORBA in your own ORBA-based products, but must always make it very clear that you are doing so.
• Any ORBA products of your own must contain a link to this website, and it needs to be easy to see and find.

• You may not sell the rules or other content contained on this website, the official ORBA website.
• You may not sell ORBA-based products of your own without the expressed permission of ORBA's creator (Robert Aronson), and he reserves the right to demand royalties.

• You may print physical copies of ORBA but only for your own personal use. You may not print physical copies for distribution.
• If you want to distribute ORBA then simply (and only) provide a link to this website, the official ORBA website.

Eventually the author may seek to produce hard copies of ORBA. In the event this occurs this section of the text will be updated.


06/28/2017 -- Chapters 2 and 3 were modified anywhere necessary to make it clear that Focus is restored after a battle's end. The rules were contradictory on that point.
06/21/2017 -- Changed Attack Form "Endurance" to "Fortitude".
05/18/2017 -- Added optional rules to Chapter 3 for sandbox games.
05/2/2017 -- The following changes were made:
     In general, ORBA has been streamlined and expanded.
     Only d6 dice are used now.
     No Luck and Rank die anymore.
     Peace Abilities have been added.
     Battle Abilities can now have the grade of "S".
     The way Skills work has been changed.
     Total revision of all the rules for Trials.
     Added rules for Unskilled Trials.
     Revised the advancement rules for all the new stuff.
     Made it take 10 chapters instead of 5 for a PA.
     Added the battle option of delaying turn.
     Confrontations no longer take place over three phases.
     To further decrease dice rolling, Base Defense has been added.
     Tech use has been altered to fit new confrontation rules.
     Tech Combo rules have been added.
     Successful Tech use has been made a little more likely.
     Made it possible to run from battles.
     Updated the Hero Sheet to reflect all these changes.
     Added a section in Chapter 2 for creating NPCs.
     Spontaneous Trials are now permitted to potentially affect the adventure.
     Edited Chapters 1-4 a bit.
04/27/2017 -- The following changes were made:
     Added links to the Hero sheet to chapter 2.
     Updated chapter 1's section, "What Makes ORBA Special?"
04/26/2017 -- The following changes were made:
     Updated the definition of Devotion in chapter 2 to include faith.
     Changed "Power" Adjustment to "Proficiency" Adjustement, throughout all pages.
     Changed "Resoureful" attack form to "Resourcefulness" in chapter 2.
     Added a PDF hero sheet.
     Some light editing in chapter 3.
04/24/2017 -- The following changes were made:
     Updated the Terms of Use.
     Some edits to chapter 2.
04/12/2013 -- The following changes were made:
     Some edits to chapter 1.
     Removed "The Scripted Main Plot" section from chapter 3.
     All "Spontaneous" sections removed from chapter 3.
     Some small edits to better reflect no longer having the removed sections. Changes made only in chapter 3.
03/30/2013 -- Updated the Terms of Use.
03/13/2013 -- The following changes were made:
     Lots of additions and modifications to chapters 2, 3 and 4!
     Added expanded Ability rules, with five Forms of Attack and Defense.
     Added a new section to chapter 3, "An Optional Trial Idea: Stages".
     Reduced the number Chapters required for a +1 PA to 5. (Was at 10.)
     Increased the maximum positive PA to +7, reduced the maximum negative PA to -2.
     Added a rule that states IAs and negative PAs stack together.
     Removed the "Italics" section from chapter 3.
     Removed the Trial difficulty chart from chapter 3 and replaced it with a section called "A Tool for Designing Trials".
     Added terms "Luck Die" and "Rank Die".
     Added term "Rank Bonus".
     Arena zones are now called "focus zones".
     The center zone is now called the "aggression zone".
     Added terms "attack roll" and "defense roll".
     Added term "aggression modifier".
     Changed Tech ranks to Tech levels.
02/26/2013 -- The following changes were made:
     Across all chapters "FP" is now simply referred to as "Focus". (Affects chapters 2-4.)
     Across all chapters "ATT" and "DEF" are now simply referred to as "Attack" and "Defense". (Affects chapters 2-4.)
     All Focus lost during a Trial is restored at the end of the Trial.
     Modified "Spontaneous Battles" in chapter 3.
     Added "The Scripted Main Plot" to chapter 3.
     Removed "Roleplaying And Adventures" from chapter 3.
     Removed "Is The GM Needed?" from chapter 3.
     Removed "Rest Areas" from chapter 3.
     Removed "Losing All FP In A Trial" from chapter 3.
     Removed "Forbidden FP Refreshment" from chapter 3.
     Removed "Making Attacks" from chapter 3.
02/23/2013 -- The following changes were made:
     Editing: Ch. 2
02/11/2013 -- The following changes were made:
     Editing: Ch. 3
02/09/2013 -- The following changes were made:
     Editing: Ch. 2
     Editing: Ch. 3
     Rule Addition: Ch. 3, "Spontaneous Events" (two additions).
     Rule Addition: Ch. 3, "Spontaneous Plot Forks" (one addition).
     Rule Addition: Ch. 3, "Spontaneous Battles" (one addition).
     Rule Subtraction: Ch. 3, "Plot Forks" (one subtraction).
     Rule Subtraction: Ch. 4, "Starting FP" (one subtraction).
02/08/2013 -- The following changes were made:
     Rule Modification: Ch. 4, "All Heroes KO'd" (one modification).
02/04/2013 -- The following changes were made:
     Editing: Ch. 3
     Rule Addition: Ch. 3, "Death" (one addition).
     Rule Subtraction: Ch. 3, "Rest Areas" (one subtraction).
     Rule Modification: Ch. 3, "Rest Areas" (one modification).
     Rule Modification: Ch. 4, "Victory for the Heroes" (one modification).
     Rule Modification: Ch. 4, "All Heroes KO'd" (one modification).
01/19/2013 -- Uploaded chapters two through four.

12/22/2012 -- First uploaded.